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A&B Farms LLC started off as an FFA project back in the day, the original idea was to raise meat birds and see what chicken feed would make them grow the fastest.  After a year of chickens Andrew decided that chickens was not enough! He begged and begged his parents to let him get another type of animal.  Dairy Goats happened to be the species that was picked!  Sunny Creek Dairy Goats was born!  What started off as showing goats at different ADGA shows and at the La Crosse County Fair as a hobby turned into a true passion! After years of working with goats and chickens it was time to turn the passion into a business and thus A&B Farms LLC was created.


The beautiful goats of A&B Farms are still shown at ADGA sanctioned shows, the milk that is produced on the farm is used to make the lotions and soon soaps!  Chickens still roam all over, but a new adventure started in the fall of 2021, hogs! A&B Farms proudly consists of Registered Dairy Goats, Poultry (egg and meat birds), Geese and Hogs.  Contact us for inquires on goats, hogs, chickens, lotions, decals, apparel.  We are happy you stopped by to check out the website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What payments do you accept?

Do you offer delivery services?

A&B Farms accepts Paypal, Venmo, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and for local pick up we accept cash.

Do you attend any vendor shows?

Delivery is an option if you are local, if you are not local not a problem!  We can ship the items to you!

Is there a store front?

Currently we are looking for local vendor shows to attend.  Check the home page for updates on where we will be and when.  Make sure to check us out at the Wisconsin State Fair!

Currently there is not store front.  Products are housed on the farm.  We will be more then happy to ship/deliver (local) products to you.

Do you offer refunds on products?

All Refunds must be completed within 10 days of purchase.  Refunds will be processed in which the order they are received.  Refunds can not be accepted on food related items.  

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